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    Following degree in BTech, I left the Technology company Accenture after 1.5 yr of experience then I found my sweet spot as a Content Marketer for TrainingBasket. Now, my days are spent writing technical content and providing important interview questions and answers on important technologies like Cisco , Python , DevOps and etc for our trainees
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    Top 10 Life-Changing Reasons to Get AWS Training

    The demand for cloud computing services is at an all-time high. As per the global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC), the overall spending on cloud computing is in the $300 Billion to $400 Billion range, and the five-year growth is estimated to be around 25%. Since things look bright for this sector, this is the best time to Get AWS Training.

    Future of Data Scientists: Career Outlook and Become Job Ready

    To quote the Economist, in the year 2017, "The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data." As we look...

    Training Basket Has Captured the One More Education Brilliance Award

    Training Basket is always known for its brilliant education & learning courses. Training Basket offers advanced IT certifications & training all across the world. Mr. Nayan Verma founded training Basket in the year 2015. The team of Training Basket always works to deliver the best training & technical facilities to their students.

    DevOps Tools You Must Know In 2021

    Introduction DevOps is the combination of various cultural philosophies, practices, and tools. They help in increasing the organization's ability...

    Django Vs. Flask – which one to choose for your web application development

    Introduction Django and Flask are popular Python web application development frameworks. Often the source of confusion is to choose...

    Python And Javascript: A Face-Off

    Introduction The preference of software development language to begin with should position itself with different aspects such as the core interest of development- such as...

    Top 5 Machine Learning Essential Prerequisites

    Introduction Machine Learning is an epochal defining concept of the technology of tomorrow. It is a better choice to make for all aspiring technical graduates....

    Top 10 Machine Learning Projects for ML Beginners

    Introduction Gaining insights into how top performers kick-started their careers in the technologies of Data Science and Machine Learning is beneficial to aspiring graduates, who...