Top 10 Life-Changing Reasons to Get AWS Training

Top 10 Reasons To Get AWS Training
Top 10 Reasons To Get AWS Training

The demand for Cloud Computing services is at an all-time high. As per the global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC), the overall spending on cloud computing is in the $300 Billion to $400 Billion range, and the five-year growth is estimated to be around 25%. Since things look bright for this sector, hence this is the best time to Get AWS Training.  

AWS Training is a Hot Career Because Every Big Company is Using it:

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a leading cloud computing solutions provider for Netflix, Twitch, Lyft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Apple. It provides architecture like no other and convenience like nobody else. No wonder AWS is growing at an exponential rate. That is why careers in this field are blossoming like never before. So should you also try to have a career with AWS Training? To find out the answer, keep reading on:  

Top 10 Reasons to Get AWS Training:

If you wish to plan to complete AWS Training and Certification, there is no better time than to do it now. You could get a job or start a business with the proper certification.

That being said, getting AWS Training will also further clarify the meaning of cloud computing. Hence, you will have a better career that will see you getting professional growth with the necessary remuneration.

Apart from all this, there are other benefits of learning AWS. Some of them are given below:

  1. More Companies are Heading to AWS for Cloud Migration:

Small and medium IT and ITES businesses that require cloud infrastructure are moving to AWS. At the end of 2021, the global data center IP traffic had reached around 20.6 ZB (Zettabytes) annually. That means 1.7 ZB. Wow, can you imagine that? The market is growing annually by 17.5%. However, there is a dearth of professionals who understand AWS cloud services and deployment well. Without them, enterprises could not grow. So, getting AWS training and beginning a cloud career makes perfect sense.  

  1. AWS on a Growth Spurt:

It cannot be denied that AWS training is growing way too quickly than expected. AWS has a lead of over seven years compared to Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. AWS was launched in 2005. When 2006 began, AWS had 180,000 developers on the platform. Presently, AWS has more than half of the market share under its control (around 52%). This is another reason to learn AWS from scratch.

  1. Sooner or Later, IT Professionals Will Need to Upgrade Their Knowledge of Cloud Computing:

AI and ML have been powering the growth in demand for cloud computing. Since implementing these technologies requires advanced infrastructure, it is fuelling the growth of cloud computing.

As a result, both sectors mutually benefit each other, which has also been acknowledged in Forbes reports. Therefore it makes perfect sense for IT professionals to gain cloud computing expertise and get AWS training.  

  1. AWS Has Wide Usage Among Other Cloud Platforms:

As already mentioned, AWS has over 50% of its share in cloud computing services; it also owns one-third of the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) market. That is equal to what Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms together own.

Furthermore, the IaaS market is half the size of SaaS (software as a service market), meaning there is still scope for its growth. It is all the more reason to learn AWS in the present scenario; after all, it is a logical career move.

  1. The Demand for AWS Skills is Outrunning The Supply:  

The US and India have a considerable IT workforce and a shortage of AWS Cloud expertise. Therefore, there is a constant demand for people with AWS skills. So, learning it might be the best idea if you are planning to shift to this domain.

  1. Robust AWS Community and Abundant AWS Resources for Learning:

AWS certification has been in existence since 2013. Therefore the learning resources are in abundance. Not only that, there is a robust AWS community, both online and offline. Beginners can seek guidance and get AWS training & certification. It is an achievable goal, and all IT professionals learning AWS can take advantage of that.

  1. Free-tier Accounts for Beginners:

Anybody who does not know anything about AWS (Amazon Web Services) has to start from scratch. So how do they do it? Most of the aspiring cloud professionals who are either novices or trainees need hands-on experience, but they don’t have the monetary resources to learn all the techniques of AWS.

So what do they do? There’s even a way out for this section. They can get AWS training free by making a free tier account on AWS, which gives them restricted access, and they can learn the basics of AWS. Some services on free-tier accounts shall never expire. Some services offer a free trial, such as EC2, S3, Amazon RDS, and Elastic load balancing. These have some usage limits but are enough for Cloud professionals to gain some experience on AWS Cloud Services.

  1. AWS Certification Holds a Lot of Value:

Why should you aspire to get AWS Certification Training? For one, it holds a lot of value while you seek employment. Since these AWS certifications validate your expertise and credibility to your learning, it is quite helpful. Secondly, those IT professionals with an AWS certification gain access to the AWS Partner network, where they can get advanced business sales and marketing training. This helps you expand your employability and can even get you entrepreneurial scope. 

  1. The Salary of AWS Professionals is Quite Good: 

In the US alone, AWS training & certification can get you an annual salary from $110,000 to $140,000 yearly. In India, you will get an average yearly salary between ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 10 Lakhs. So be prepared for a six-figure salary after acquiring AWS skills.

  1. Multiple Advanced Career Routes:

Have you begun learning AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Select a career path based on various roles after acquiring AWS cloud skills. You could become a developer, architect, operations, and cloud practitioner offering AWS media, cloud, or ML services. You can even get additional specialist certificates like advanced networking and security or Big Data after getting advanced qualifications. Then you could become an AWS cloud architect, SysOps Administrator, Cloud developer or Clouds sales and purchase manager, or even a cloud DevOps engineer. There are even more specialisations in this field.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you are aware of what cloud computing is and its future growth, learning the nits and grits of a popular platform like AWS makes all the sense. It will help you add more weight to your resume and become Job-Ready in the coming years when cloud computing will take over.

So, have you made up your mind to learn AWS? If yes, keep a tab on this section as further discussion about AWS is coming up. You will be able to learn more about other aspects of AWS, enabling you to get better insights into this domain. And if you need further assistance, you can always contact us at Training Basket and get a Free Career Consultation.

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