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Make the Best Use of Quarantine Days with Training Basket

Cisco Certifications are Globally recognized and provides a turning curve for Engineers.


Cisco certifications are becoming a key parameter in filtering new prospect employee in most of the IT firms around the world. These certifications are globally recognized and benefits both employees and employers. We have seen immense career growth of individuals after completing Cisco Certification. These certifications gives them a gateway to all top MNCs and Organizations. Most companies are also organizing Cisco Certification training for their employees on order to keep up with the pace today. 

Cisco Certification started pack comes with the basic level certification – CCNA which is Cisco Certified Network Associate. After the completion of CCNA module, individuals opt for CCNP which is Cisco Certified Network Professional. There are many more certification modules further in the ladder of Cisco Certification.

Its high time for all network engineers to give a push to their career by taking up Cisco Certification Training and upgrade their skills in order to carve their way to a bright future. Seeing the current market scenario, career in networking is seen as a bright future for all aspiring network engineers. And if you are looking for a recognition in this field, then Cisco Certification is your solution.
With over thousands of people running in the race of upskilling their careers, don’t lay back and wait for the time to come. Utilize the time during these lockdown days and learn something new that would help you get above and ahead of the crowd.

How and where to take CCNA Certification training?

Taking training from a renowned company is a good option for all. This certification is not easy, a lot of hard work and dedication is required for the same. Also, highly skilled and certified Instructors are on a lookout when you wish to take up the training. Make sure that the instructor who is taking the training is self certified in Cisco. Look for companies that provide Best Cisco Certification Training and enroll for the course. Companies that have partnered with Cisco have a better insight in delivering the training and certification. 

Average Salary Package of a CCNA Certified employee.

Salary packages of CCNA engineers are good enough to kick start their networking career. If you have a justified CCNA certificate and an eagerness and passion to learn and work in Industries, you can very easily get a job with good package. A recent PayScale report indicates the salary packages of a certified Network Engineers specializing in Cisco networking ranges from $50,971 to $101, 017 per year.

Why should I take the Certification?

CCNA certification is a globally recognized certification. This will help you enhance your networking knowledge base and make your more demanded in the industry. Network is here to stay and getting some networking skills will do no harm to anyone. The CCNA Certificate will undoubtedly help you switch from existing job to a better paying and more challenging networking job. 

Employers crave for skilled and best qualified candidates and this clearly states that in order to be demanded in the market, you should look forward to taking up the certification. 

Get the Best CCNA Training and get hired by top employers. 

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