What Exactly is CCNA and Why is it Significant?

What Exactly is CCNA and why is it Significant
What Exactly is CCNA and why is it Significant

Nowadays, computer networking is one of the top IT roles that everybody is vying for. Among the top IT jobs, Computer Networking is a highly preferred and esteemed job role. That is why it is no surprise that Network Engineers have a salary package on the higher end of the spectrum.

It is important because the company requires a computer network, file inventory and ample database storage. People in the organization need to access this storage repository, record information systematically and maintain the data inventory. Network engineers, especially CCNA certified specialists, are therefore critical for the IT support of any organization.  

What is the CCNA certification?

To become a certified network engineer, one needs to have the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification. It is an entry-level IT certification awarded to the candidate by the network technology company Cisco. It is known to produce high-quality networking hardware, so studying for this certification equips you with information regarding networking concepts and various networking roles. There are some facts about the certification which we would like to mention. To get the CCNA certification, you need to go through just one exam. The 200-301 CCNA is the exam you need to take to gain certification. The exam costs ₹ 22,500, along with GST (Goods and Services Tax).

The CCNA exam has no prerequisites. However, it would be handy if you have some experience or training in computer networking. With the certification, your chances of cementing your place in the network administration sector increase. According to the statistics released by the top IT employers in the country, the demand for network engineers and administrators is increasing from 4% to 5% annually.

Before we move ahead with the additional details, here is one interesting fact about Network Engineer and Administration jobs. Not many people can clear the CCNA certification exams because the questions are quite deep-rooted, and you have to know every detail about networking. If you are not well-prepared, then you might not clear the exam. With proper preparation, you can clear it. Still, if you find difficulty in the CCNA exam, the Google IT professional certification exam is comparatively easier than CCNA.

In the USA, Brazil and India, it is the top certification for every network administrator. Now we shall tell you the significance of this certification.

CCNA Course Curriculum

Why is CCNA significant for network engineers and administrators?

There are many professional and educational advantages to having this certificate. If you can get a CCNA certification, then you will get the following benefits: 

  1. Your knowledge is enhanced:

As mentioned above, the certification teaches you a lot about computer networking. You get a real chance to develop your fundamentals. The course material is designed in such a way that it gives you a hint of what lies ahead. The primary topics of CCNA are Network Fundamentals, Network Access, IP Connectivity and Services, Security Fundamentals and Automation and Programmability. By gaining knowledge of these topics during your certification, you can better your understanding of the core concepts of networking. This will help you gain an edge over other network engineers who do not have the certification. 

So, a bit of your hard work would take a long way. So, you need to possess the CCNA certification at all costs.  

  1. Accepted for various networking roles:

Once you procure the certificate, you can get employed in various job roles. You could get accepted in a position in an IT company. The top 7 job profiles available after completing the certification course are discussed below:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Systems Engineers (Fresher)
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Network Security Personnel

Apart from the knowledge and the versatility of the CCNA certification, you can also get some practical experience while taking the certification. Any Cisco-certified institute or centre shall give you the required practical experience. But after getting the certificate, you will be entitled to apply for a Cisco-specific networking domain job, where you could be approached by A-grade companies in India. Remember that the certification is valid for 3 years, so you must constantly upgrade your knowledge.

  1. Career boost:

The weightage of a Network Engineer is directly proportional to the certifications she/he possesses. A certificate could fast-track your growth as a network engineer or admin or Technical Support Engineer. A certified networking professional is an in-demand asset for an organization. Once you get a CCNA certification, you could certainly be promoted to a team lead in your department. Moreover, your experience will not be counted based on years; it will be based on your knowledge and certifications. The certification will also increase your ascent speed to the top post of your department.

  1. The salary appraisal is also quick:

We have mentioned this point before. Usually, a network engineer or admin can claim a salary of ₹3 lakh per annum, which is okay, but a certified expert will certainly get paid over the limit. According to top Indian job websites, a fresher CCNA professional would have a salary of over ₹3 lakhs yearly, and an experienced professional’s salary would be over ₹5 lakhs. In some cases, mid-level professionals could charge in the ₹10 lakhs per annum pay bracket. In Bengaluru and other cyber hubs, the salary of CCNA-certified networking professionals is even higher. 

CCNA Course Information
  1. It is a stepping stone for other courses:

After you have completed the CCNA course, you can then go on to complete the CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Security Certification and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) Security certification. These certification programs need the certification as basic eligibility. After that, you can complete the Cisco program, which consists of various certificates.

  1. The outline of CCNA is less extensive:

There is considerable confusion in the minds of networking professionals. They often have a tussle over choosing the platform for networking. Networking professionals with classical expertise prefer Cisco, while the newer ones choose between Cisco and Microsoft. Although Microsoft is the dominant player in the world of networking, Cisco being a pioneer still has many things going in its favour as it formed the basis of knowledge in the world of networking.

However, one big advantage is following the Cisco networking curriculum. The Cisco certification programs do not have extensive outlines. Since all the basics and advanced networking concepts are included in the program’s curriculum, you do not need to study anything separately. So, you can even pursue a Microsoft certification along with your Cisco certification. Or, you can do the Cisco certification first and can easily prepare for the Microsoft certification afterward.

It’s easy because you will know the networking concepts beforehand. As we have already told you that CCNA gives you a foundation in the networking domain, you can get any networking certification you want. After you get your first certification, the rest of the game becomes extremely easy.   

  1. Global acceptance:

The CCNA certification has global acceptance. Around 1 million students from 165 countries have enrolled in this course. This certification holds water in almost every country in the world. CCNA jobs are required in those countries that can provide internet services to their people. This certification has value in such organizations. CCNA-certified professionals are therefore accepted in almost every country worldwide.

If you hold this certification in India or Brazil, you can apply for a Cisco networking job in the USA. In recent years, all the developed countries have been demanding a CCNA-certified labour force from all over the globe to take care of their networking industry. So, with the help of a CCNA certificate, you can even apply for an overseas job. This blog has mentioned and explained why the CCNA certification is so significant. If you want the best training for your CCNA certificate course, you should enroll at Training Basket, and we will help you clear the exam relatively quickly and in a single attempt.

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