All You Need To Know About CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification

CCIE Enterprise

Course Overview

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification is the flagship program of Cisco and is considered as the highly advanced and one of the top relevant certification available in the IT and software networking sector.

Apart from incorporating Cisco technology, the newly updated CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure incorporates a wide range of networking choices to assiduously prepare candidates for a wide range of issues and tasks, that they will encounter in the real world.

This certification offers enhanced technical knowledge, updated to the current standards, and equips leaders with the requisite capabilities to confront and successfully solve the highly challenging network assignment scenarios in the industry.

What Is The Definition Of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Definition?

This certification is an ideal alternative to replace the conventional CCIE Routing Switching methodology of Cisco. This new certification incorporates the recent trends of interconnectivity between different spheres of technology that were hitherto separated.

Modern networking engineers should display a sophisticated understanding of the different software aspects and their corresponding development counterparts. By synergizing their technical efforts with a wide range of IT and software capabilities, networking engineers can become architects of efficient and robust networks.

Importance Of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Course

There is worldwide recognition of the importance of this certification course. This exam pattern is continuously updated to reflect and capture the cutting-edge developments in the networking field.

The course is continuously monitored by the top think tanks of Cisco’s IT and software management, with experienced instructors facilitating the smooth dissemination of classes and knowledge.

The IT industry is on a constant lookout for highly accomplished networking professionals who have this much sought-after certification under their belt. This is because the testing methodology of this exam is of pristine quality, and occupies an apex place in value and relevance.

All these factors make CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification, make an attractive proposition for networking professionals to enhance their career and learning prospects.

Is The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification The Optimal Choice For Your Career?

If you are perfecting your skills in the IT and software networking arena, and aspire to make it to the top tier in terms of expertise, the CCIR EI certification can be regarded as an indispensable tool.

Not only this certification is one of the sought certifications in the networking industry, but it also equips engineers with the necessary knowledge inputs to catapult the knowledge of professionals to the highest orbit, thus making them ideal candidates to fill leadership positions in top technological companies, and having an edge over peers and colleagues in career promotions.

CCIE Enterprise Batch

Course Duration

This certification entails the following two components:

  • In-person classroom training is given by an expert instructor with a time duration of 2 months
  • Online training is given by expert instructors of the duration 2 months

Eligibility Of The Candidate For Enrolment

Candidates should have a networking background with hands-on experience ranging from five to seven years in the fields of network deployment, design, operations, and optimization of enterprise network technologies.

Network engineers should be acquainted with advanced level problem resolution procedural capabilities including options analysis which in turn can be used to provide reinforcement support to advanced topologies and network technologies.

Network designers should exhibit the inclination to enhance their levels of knowledge in this widely acclaimed and hugely competitive certification, which on successful completion will lead to openings to lucrative jobs and provide existing working professionals, a clear map to climb the leadership ladder.

Things That You Will Learn Through This Certification

  • Installations, operation, configuration, and troubleshooting of various aspects of enterprise wired networks.
  • Advanced routing methodologies, related to infrastructure technologies that form a crucial component of the ENCOR
  • Design, deployment, configuration, and management of CISCO Software related to the defined WAN, SD-WAN solutions.
  • The industry best practices pertaining to designing and configuring the standard routing protocols in the data centers and their sub-branches.
  • Overlaying the network design by implementing solutions such as SD-WAN and SD-Access technologies
  • Precise implementation of security protocols that are necessary for the smooth functioning of the enterprise network
  • Advanced concepts related to programming, telemetry, orchestration, and automation protocols to generate agile and efficient network infrastructure.

How The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Can Be Earned?

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification  can be achieved by obtaining passing grades in two exams:

  • Qualifying exam
  • Practical or Lab exam

The initial qualifying exam is of 2 hours duration, also referred to as ENCOR 350-401, an acronym for Implementation and operation of Enterprise Network Core Technologies. This exam aims to conduct an extensive evaluation of the candidate’s capabilities in enterprise networking technologies.

Topics Covered Under The Qualifying Exam

  • Dual-Stack Architecture encompassing IPv4 and IPv6
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Virtualization concepts
  • Network Assurance capabilities
  • Security and Automation

Topics Covered Under The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Lab exam:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Software-related infrastructure
  • Security and services about Infrastructure
  • Transport Solutions and Technologies
  • Automaton and Programming capabilities related to Infrastructure

How working professionals and graduates will benefit from this course?

Upon completing the requisite training of this course, candidates will get equipped with the following:

  • Creating, analyzing, validating, and optimizing the different network designs which are fundamental for all deployment procedures
  • Understanding the intrinsic capabilities of various technological solutions and services
  • Transforming the customer requirements into profitable solutions
  • Assessing the readiness factors to provide technical support to the proposed solutions

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification offers ambitious professionals to complement their existing technical skills with the widely sought after design inputs, which can establish the candidates as technical leaders in the ever-changing landscape of enterprise networking

Different Job Opportunities Available After Certification

  • Lead Systems engineer in Consulting
  • Senior Network Engineer in Enterprise
  • Network Design Engineer in L3 systems

What Is Regarded As The Passing Score In This Certification?

Both individual modules require a minimum score to pass the exam which is predetermined on the perceived levels of exam difficulty.

  • The passing score is correlated with the expert level performance and technical competence
  • The minimum score is calculated based on the exam performance of the top-performing candidates.

To clear the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification, candidates need to achieve scores greater than the aggregated passing scores in both modules, and at the same time crossing the individually set minimum scores required for each module.

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