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From writing your first code to creating code for apps in android development and other software systems, Java language has been the first choice for programming language for most of the coders. It is one of the most demanded and widely used programming languages for quite a time now, mostly because of its compatible and versatile nature. 

It has also become one of the most highly-demanded languages around the globe. Henceforth, jobs as Java Developer has gained significant importance in the market.

Somewhere, this popularity of Java must have sparked an interest in learning Java programming in you.

Let us have a brief look at

What is Java? 

Why learn Java? 

Careers in Java development.

Important Skills Required for a Java Developer

Java Developer Salary


What is Java?

Java is an object oriented, general purpose, class based programming language which contains of the Java Virtual Machine. It is free to access and can run on all platforms. It is a computing platform for developing applications. 


Why Learn Java?

Because of its popularity and compatibility nature, Java has gained a lot of recognition in the field of programming languages. Choosing to learn Java can be an ideal option for you because of the following reasons : 

1. Simple: Since it comes with an advanced and simplified feature, Java comes as the first choice for most programmers. It is easy and simple to learn with no or very less complexity. 

2. Portable: It is a platform independent language hence any program can be written on one platform and can be easily executed on any other platform.

3. Secure: Since all codes are converted into bytecode that cannot be read by human and all programs runs under sandbox that prevents any untrusted sources to access the application.

4. High Performing, dynamic and Robust: Bytecodes used by Java can be easily translated into machine code, hence giving high performance. It has a strong memory management that prevents errors during compile-time and runtime hence making it robust.

5. Libraries and APIs: Java has good open source library suppot feature and also helps many giant companies in creating APIs.


Careers in Java Development

A Java developer is the person who is responsible for writing Java code for developing applications and connecting both front end and back end. Java has been used in alot of applications that we use in our day to day life. Many beginner coders practice Java to get good hands on the language so that they get hired by top companies. 

The demand for Java developers are huge in the market and top recruiters are looking for candidates with good knowledge on Java. There are various job roles in this area like Java Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Developer, Java Trainee to name a few. 


Important Skills Required for a Java Developer

The recruiters look for a particular set of skills that is essential for hiring a Java Developer for their company. Few of the major skills are: 

  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Hands on experience of Git and Version Control System
  • Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Good knowledge of Restful Web services
  • Good Team player and patient. 

In case you are a beginner, you must have basic and conceptual knowledge of the above mentioned skills. If you are an experienced developer, it comes as a bonus for you along with these mentioned skills.


Java Developer Salary

According to the survey, average salary of a Java Developer ranges between INR 425,000 – 445, 000 per annum. The salary structure may vary depending upon the profile, company, location, experience level etc. 

An entry level java developer salary ranges from 237,518 – 277,518 INR per annum, while a mid-level java developer bags a salary of range 420,306 – 829,714 INR per annum. 

If you are a Java developer with good years of experience and work exposure then you are surely good to go with a salary above 1,200,000 INR per annum. 


Top companies in IT hubs like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad generously welcome good java developers with an excellent salary package depending upon their relevant work experience. 

If you are looking forward to making a good career in Development, Java is your language that is good to go. You can start learning now and get good hands on and practice on the required skills in order to be demanded in this competitive world. 


Now know more about this magical programming language, check out our most popular Java Programming Course now and carve your way towards a bright future. 


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