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Digital Marketing

The field of Digital Marketing is booming in the market. If you are passionate about Digital Marketing and aiming for a career in the same, you have numerous high paying jobs waiting for you. Since digital presence has become a key factor for all brands, and everyone is on the run to establish their brand name in top listings, digital marketing agencies have a lot to offer. But before you jump up to making a career in Digital Marketing, you must know these top digital marketing tools that can be of great use to you.

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What are Digital Marketing tools?

These are the right set of software tools to manage and predict data and content. These tools help you build your strategy to marketize your brand. They make your digital marketing process more effective and enable you to drive traffic to your website by various means.

Let us have a look at the top digital marketing tools one must know :

Google Analytics:

This is an essential digital marketing tool for every digital marketer. It is a free tool, and it gives you all the detailed information about your website and its performance, including audience engagement and demographics, popular keywords and many more. This also provides information about traffic on your website, where you are getting more traffic and where you are losing, hence giving you a solution to generate traffic.


This multi-dimensional digital marketing tool will help you create inspiring and unique content for your Social Media Marketing. It has facilities for blog posts as well as social media posts, and you can schedule your posts and blogs for future dates using the calendar option, which makes your work easier.


It is recommended by almost everyone, and one of the best SEO tools for you, Uber Suggest, helps you generate new keywords ideas for your content marketing strategy.


A reliable and popular SEO tool used for analytics, URL ranking, audit reports, keyword analysis and many more. Ahrefs is used by top companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, and many more. Very useful for digital marketing.


A cloud-based application used for instant messaging so that you can quickly communicate with your teammates and clients. It is like a chatroom for your company where you can share your ideas and communicate with others. So, make your communication easy with Slack.

Canva Business:

A drag and drop designing platform where you can create images, videos, and even logos for your organization. It relieves you from the pain of hiring a graphic designer as it has all the features needed to create relevant and impressive images.  Very useful for digital marketing.

These are a few of the listed digital marketing tools. Know more about other useful digital marketing tools here. 

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