Amazon Web Services (AWS), one amongst the foremost standard cloud platform, homes a set of cloud computing services, that have displayed hot career prospects within the world of cloud computing. AWS has several services, spanning a good range of technologies and services. AWS also offers cloud certifications that assert your ability to work on the cloud. Based on your interest and career goals, you can choose any of the certification tracks offered by AWS.

AWS certifications:

Certifications offered by AWS are AWS Solution Architect, AWS DevOps Engineer and AWS Developer Associate. AWS Solution Architect is intended for individuals with experience in designing and distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. If one chooses to certify as an AWS DevOps Engineer, one has to either clear the Developer – Associate certification or the System Operations (SysOps) Administrator – Associate certifications. AWS Developer Associate certification is designed to enhance the proficiency with the AWS cloud platform to develop and deploy robust cloud applications.

AWS Certification Job Prospects:

With cloud computing pervading into nearly all business vertical, the requirement for qualified and certified cloud professionals is ever-growing. AWS is presently leading the pack with most firms investing in or aiming to invest in AWS tools and services. This is a clear sign that good times are in store for everyone if one commits themselves in learning all aspects of AWS and bagging the AWS certifications.

Which AWS Certification should you to choose?

Depending on your interest, career goals and experiences, you can decide which certification to go for. Mostly the Associate-level certifications do not require any prior AWS experience. However, experts believe around 1 year of experience with any of the AWS tools will be a great help in cracking the certification exams easily and fast. Training Basket is one of the major IT training company for AWS training in Noida. Here, the highly skilled Career Counselors and the industry experts trainers will guide you with the best and the most suitable AWS courses depending upon your interest and experience.

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