Job Basket (unit of TRAINING BASKET) – A New Generation Manpower Recruitment Company.


JobBasket aims to find out the best talents across all Advanced Technology Centers. 

About Us: 

Job Basket is placement consultancy firm that is working on creating a global network of highly intelligent workforce that can help a company achieve their mission-critical projects and goals. Keeping pace with the projects and being on the look out for extremely talented individuals has become challenging. Here is where Job Basket comes into play to bring the best talent for your company.

We are into the business of providing organizations with full service of recruitment solutions to efficiently screen and select the most qualified candidates for their current job openings. 

Why us?

Leading companies have seen this increasingly strong connection between trust and growth, and we are aiming to advance their businesses in ways that not only meet their business goals, but also benefit people, communities and citizens. To cater the needs, we have highly skilled set of working professionals in the placement cell that are built on successful partnerships.

Our Placement team is efficiently trained in identifying top talent around the world and matching them with the client’s needs and adding value to the Company’s growth and culture.With an in-house training we provide at TRAINING BASKET, we surely have abundance of trained and highly skilled candidates/resources with us who are looking for an environment where they can showcase their talent.

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